About Solutions for Property Assessments

Longtime Georgia banking veteran Charlie Harper and Real Estate Appraiser Shelly Berryhill have formed a new company, Solutions for Property Assessments, which will cater to the special property assessment needs of financial institutions in their regular evaluation of real estate they own. As a result of the 2008 -2010 downturn in economic conditions, many banks are now in the position of owning sizeable holdings in real estate due to loan delinquencies and forfeitures. Solutions for Property Assessments has developed a process of evaluating these properties as regularly required by federal regulators that will save banks in substantial appraisal fees. Mr. Harper was quoted as saying “I have talked to many bankers across the Southeast who have told me the appraisal fees they are paying to keep up with the federally required schedule of property evaluations is a burden and hindrance to their bottom line. They are looking for ways to reduce these expenses. With the system our company will have in place, I am confident we will not only reduce their annual appraisal costs but reduce their time and effort in managing this process. I have also talked to bank examiners and they are comfortable with the system we have developed that we think will be highly beneficial to our clients.